What the Audience Said… 2019

“A terrific weekend, and thank you so much to all who put so much hard work into it. A chance for us to live in the world of books for a couple of days, alongside new bookish friends” @juliaproofreader – see her blog for more.

“We enjoyed all the events we attended on Saturday despite the weather. Bernie Keith and Andrew Radd in conversation was an inspired choice to start the festival. Robin Hillman was very impressive as William Blake, describing his walk through 19 century London. It was good to see Mark Carey again in his one man show – an astonishing performance. On Sunday there was 16 different events…….we found it hard to decide which event to attend with such a varied choice. Well done to all those involved in organising such a fantastic literary festival. Looking forward to the next year already” Mary

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Bob, for yours and the committee’s hard work in putting the literary weekend together. Especially for making my mum so welcome on Sunday night. She thoroughly James’s performance, especially from our regal position on the comfy chairs at the front. She has seen the village at its best, as everyone has been friendly and considerate. I am so proud of where I live! Karen

“Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. Thanks for all your hard work – now go and have a rest!” – Emma

“An amazing weekend, thank you. Throughout the weekend, from the Calendar Girls on the Friday evening through to James on the Sunday evening I had an brilliant time. Michael Kushner was fascinating, Anne Usher was inspirational and the crime writers were brilliant – who knew we has such great talent for crime in the country!” – Claire

“We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the festival and it was great to have the opportunity to hear the Kinky Boots man, Steve and the lovely Calendar Girl, Tricia give such interesting and entertaining talks. We heard about it on Radio Northampton” – Karen

Writing Workshops – feedback was extremely good including:
“Tons of information and my imagination and enthusiasm for writing has been well and truly fired!”, ” Interesting and engaging presenter, good debates in the room and I learnt lots of helpful knowledge”, “thoroughly enjoyable session. More for the informal discussion than the structure itself. A very interesting assignment at the end”. ” More of the same please.”

“Thank you to all the organisers for our hard work to put the festival on! Very inspiring and amazing speakers.” Sue

“When we moved into Earls Barton in April, we were amazed to find that the village boasted a Literary Festival during the middle weekend of the larger Village Festival.

Unfortunately other plans took charge on the Saturday, but Sunday was much clearer.
We joined others in Jeyes conservatory to listen to Louise Jensen and Darren O’Sullivan talk about their respective writing. It was a fascinating and inspiring hour. Both authors were great communicators, not just with the written word, but as speakers too. There was comedy, thoughtfulness, honesty, and a pervading sense that books were not going out of fashion any time soon, in either the printed or electronic form – I am happy with both.

Following this my wife went off to hear Tom the Tale Teller which she enjoyed, whilst I stayed for Jane Isaac’s talk on the Many Faces of Fiction. Once again we were treated to someone who could obviously write a great story, but who was an inspirational speaker as well.

In the afternoon we met up in the Saxon Tavern for James Vollmar’s Poetry and Prose on River and Shore. Wow! James is certainly a talented writer, his poems were thought-provoking and beautifully constructed; his prose sections conjured up places and people with rye humour and insight. I even bought a copy of his poems from the library after the talk.

Finally, whilst at the library I was encouraged to buy a ticket to hear James Hornsby in All Saints Church that evening, and I’m glad I did. His rendition of Oliver Twist was magical, a real tour de force.

Thank you to Cally and everyone who helped to organise and support the Literary Festival, and I hope that there will be another one next year.” – Tim

What the audience said ……. 2018

“My First Literary Festival so I can’t compare but a fantastic idea and I wish I’d gone to more talks”

“The 2018 Earls Barton Literary Festival was a fantastic opportunity to meet some well known authors, I was especially interested to meet Louise Jensen, a global best-selling novelist. Both Louise and Darren O’Sullivan put together a great talk about their psychological thrillers and discussed their different pathways on writing.
It is such a lovely idea to bring authors and fans together. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning here and would highly recommend it to other readers
What a wonderful event!”

” Amazing, inspiring, encouraging lady!  Bring her back with her next book!”

“Loved the talk being interactive with the audience AND Being able to buy a pre-release book!”

“Captivating altogether”

“Fresh material, good delivery, interesting, fun and thought provoking”

” Absolutely brilliant!! Great poetry, beautifully delivered. Entertaining tales of origin of poems – invite him again” – ‘Organisers – ‘We have!’

“Beautiful, accessible poems – lovely speaking voice”

“Broad Range of aspects covered, very rich content, mix of delivery – an excellent speaker”

“Excellent material superbly shared,  James tapped into so many emotions with his evocative subject matter and a complete control of forms and styles”

“His wonderful poems brought back many childhood memories – shame it was a small audience” Organisers – ‘He’s coming again this year!’

Voice message about Mark Carey:

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to and meeting with the various authors at last year’s festival. Having read The Keeper of Lost Things, it was a great opportunity to meet the author. who was promoting her new book, The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes – another good read. Having really enjoyed listening to Louise Jensen and Darren O’Sullivan, I’m so pleased to see that they are featuring in the Crime in the Conservatory event this year. Unfortunately, I have missed a couple of presentations in Earls Barton by Kinky Boots Steve Pateman. His presentation has been recommended to me so I am looking forward to seeing him at the festival in June.”