Carry Akroyd

Carry Ackroyd Photo

Carry Akroyd is a painter-printmaker and occasional illustrator living in Northamptonshire. Appreciating the unspectacular has given Carry a sympathetic connection to nineteenth century poet John Clare, a ‘ditch visionary’, whose writing has been a continuing source of inspiration. Many of her landscape images echo Clare’s poetry in observing of how man affects nature, two hundred years ago and now. After 20 years of making and exhibiting images relating to the poetry of John Clare, in 2016 Carry was invited to be President of the John Clare Society.

She has illustrated three books of his poems (“The Shepherd’s Calendar”, “This Happy Spirit” and “The Wood is Sweet”) and also two of her own books: ‘natures powers & spells, Landscape Change, John Clare and Me’, and recently “Found in the Fields”.